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We have an exclusive vision to recognize and re-establish what the industry has been lacking for many years.

Our priority is to make our clients feel pampered and relaxed while getting beautified here at our salon.

We will maintain our progressiveness and edginess by creating the latest trends and offering an unforgettable experience throughout your stay with us. You belong here, you belong in luxury, you deserve pampering and excellence.

We make it our core commitment to provide a comforting yet professional ambiance, while preserving the luxurious and modern salon etiquette. Our salon is proud to have passionate and diverse expert technicians always ready to service you.

Thank you for choosing us for your beauty care!


Ordinary opportunities into blessings. When she was a little girl, her only wish was to live an extraordinary life. A young spirit with a brave and persistent mind to go forward. Today, success or failure is no longer the topic because she has succeeded and failed numerous times. There was a question that has been always in her mind no matter where she goes, “Smart people are literary everywhere on the streets, but how can you be more powerful and smarter than them?”. The answer she gave herself was, “If I don’t take the first step to learn from the successful people, I will never know what success tastes like”.

From then on, she has changed from an ordinary nail salesperson with a stable job and income to one of the most well-known nail supplier in Malaysia. Apart from nail salons, she has her own sales and R&D team, as well as a dedicated marketing team. From time to time, she will cooperate with well-known international nail instructors to bring in the best and most popular nail designs to her customers. Furthermore, she has a team of well trained and experienced manicurists ready to serve her customers as well. She also created the Nail Industry Exclusive Management System (TAG Nail), and also a system called W Element which solves the customer’s dilemma of choosing their nail colour.

On top of that, she has also created her own nail brand (WGel Inspired), which is now one of the top nail brand in the market. In addition, she is also the exclusive agent of major foreign nail brands. She is so professional! How did she do it? Who is she?

She began to study and filter the colours that her customers like, and slowly understand the colours that Malaysians love. She continued to explore, inspect, and communicate with the nail industry because she needed to understand what the market needs accurately. “When I decided to do it, I was destined to face a lot of pressure and difficulties”. That was what she said to herself at the time. What is commendable persistence? She bravely took the first step to look for the top Korean brand manufacturer to discuss about the design, the colours, the brand vision and so on. After all the hustle, sweat and tears, she succeeded! The Korean famous brand manufacturer was touched by her sincerity, accepted all her proposals, exclusive design, colours, and most importantly, she managed to sign an agreement with the top-notch manufacturer in Korea.

Today, WGel Inspired has already become one of the well-known established brand in Malaysia that has a wide range of colour variety to fulfill the market needs. WGel Inspired is also the favourite choice of colour for most Malaysians. WGel Inspired offers the world’s most advanced technology, the healthiest, the most natural and non-toxic high-quality product, giving the customers a peace of mind. She did it! This is her!
This is the journey of her life, the accumulation of life experiences. She does not give up and constantly exploring, thinking about the future, and continue to innovate. There’s a phrase which she often says to herself, “To persist and believe myself”. Sounds common but it’s not easy at all. She still believes that “Ordinary is a blessing, the simplest and the happiest”.

WGel Inspired combines with energy colours. WGel Inspired added elements of the energy code and developed a combination of numbers and colours, which can have a great impact on a person. Whether it is a tangible matter of intangible spirit and behavior, it is closely related to numbers and colours. Inseparable. We call it “W Element”